Hi! I’m Alicia B.

Welcome to Cocoa Curls. I started Cocoa Curls as a way to express all things that give me life and energy. It’s truly a reflection of who I am and how I choose to be happy. I hope that my posts, pics, and videos can give you a glimpse of just how freeing it can be when you are the truest version of yourself. Enjoy!

I’m terrible at these ‘About Me’ pages so I found this Q&A online…

* Name/Nickname? Alicia B Gettys

* Where do you Live? Birmingham, Alabama

* How old are you? 25 plus tax!

* Favorite color? When it comes to clothes – Grey and Black….Anything else –  Red (ROLL TIDE!!)

* Favorite season of the year? Fall (Sept – Nov are my FAVE months)

* What’s the first thing people notice about you? My hair

* Years Natural? 3 full years…took me 1 year to transition

* Top 3 bucket list vacations? Dubai, Thailand, and Maldives

* Mountain Hideaway or Beach House? Beach House 100%